Asch Counseling
and  Development


"We don't have to do all of it alone.  We were never meant to." ~Brene Brown


Let's Make Your Desires for a Happy, More Fulfilled Life a Reality!

On the outside things look great, but on the inside you are struggling. Work stress is becoming overwhelming, you feel anxious and depressed, and your relationships are suffering. What used to work is no longer working for you. I am here to help you learn new, more effective ways for life to become more manageable. Together we can create and work on goals, which can include improved work performance, more meaningful relationships, better communication, and stress management. We can address addictions which may be hindering performance. Whatever life stress or transition you may be experiencing, I am here to help.

My approach is collaborative, compassionate, creative, and personalized. I am a nonjudgmental therapist with a specialty in helping young professionals, high achievers, and entrepreneurs who are feeling "stuck". I coach focusing on strengths and highly value the therapeutic relationship. I want therapy to be a safe space for everyone.

My style is practical, authentic, and kind. I use humor to form meaningful connections. It can be difficult to reach out for help. I try to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Call me to talk about how I can help you move forward! 

Photo Credit:  Lena Leonchuk

Photo Credit: Lena Leonchuk