Date Night Ideas

I often work with couples who don't do "Date Night" because they spend every night together.  One of the benefits of setting aside a "Date Night" is that it helps you and your partner be intentional in setting aside that time and planning something that will be enjoyable.  It makes connecting with your partner a priority.  Date nights do not have to be expensive, far away, or even time-consuming.  

Below are examples of different types of date nights - ranging from stay at home, free, creative, and planned in advance.  One partner does not need to do all of the planning every time, but if you are reading this blog and thinking "I think this would be good for our relationship!" then make a plan, initiate the first date night, and see how it goes!  


  • Take it back to your youth: Build a fort together, grab some snacks, and play games (board games, cards, truth or dare, etc) or watch a movie inside!
  • Go to a library, pick out a book together, and read to one another
  • Geocaching (If you don't know what it is, find an overview here
  • Hiking (Checkout Umstead Park or Eno River State Park)
  • Volunteer Together
  • Get up early, pack some coffee and a snack, and find a sweet spot to watch the sunrise together (Find some sweet spots here)
  • Get to know your loved one better through these personality questionnaires: Enneagram, MBTI (and read about your results here), and the Love Language Profile
  • Make a scavenger hunt for one another
  • Play games together
  • Train for a race together (5k, Half marathon, Spartan Race, Mud Run, Color Run, Etc)
  • Workout together
  • Bookstore/Record store - pick out 3 items you think the other person would like and talk about why
  • Create a bucket list
  • Go out and stargaze (find some locations here)
  • Go see some flowers (I like to go to the Arboretum, Raleigh Rose Gardens, and Duke Gardens)
  • Go to a museum (Science Museum, History Museum, and Art Museum are free!)
  • Go for a Bike Ride (Limebikes are awesome!)
  • Plan a dream vacation or decorate a dream house together (Pinterest is good for this)
  • Check out the IndyWeek Calendar for local ideas
  • Check out local art during First Friday


  • Have a picnic in a local spot
  • Planetarium (find one in Chapel Hill)
  • Make popsicles together
  • Visit a Trampoline Park (there's even a trampoline fitness class here)
  • Visit a local farmer's market (I LOVE the Durham Farmer's Market)
  • Learn a language together (I've heard good things about Duolingo)
  • Go to a Trivia Night Together (often you can find TV show specific trivia through Facebook events)
  • Bowling
  • Create your own "Chopped" challenge
  • Go to a Morning Matinee
  • Buy massage oils and give each other a massage
  • Go get Bubble Tea or a Sushi Burrito
  • Go Berry Picking (usually strawberries are mid-April to Late May)
  • Create your own wine and cheese tasting
  • Go see an Imax documentary
  • Pedal Boats at Pullen Park
  • Visit an Arcade (Boxcar and Frankie's are fun!)
  • DIY Spa Night
  • Go see some Roller Derby
  • Make fondue
  • Make homemade pizza
  • Tour a local food/bev company (Brewery, Winery, Roastery, Chocolate Factory)
  • Check out some Groupon and LivingSocial deals


  • Plan a night at home celebrating the country of your choice.  Play music from that country, cook food from that country, and find a film from that country that you can watch and discuss together
  • Visit a Jazz Club (Beyu Caffe and C-Grace are great options!)
  • Take a class together (Art Classes, Music Classes, Cooking Classes)
  • Venture to a city nearby and find cool local cuisine (cities I'm hoping to checkout soon are Hillsborough and Kinston.  Yelp is always a good resource)
  • Go to the Ballet
  • Checkout a Play (DPAC, Duke Energy, Raleigh Little Theatre, Burning Coal, and NRACT are great options!)
  • Take a drive out to one of the remaining 6 Drive-In Movie theaters in NC! (


  • Couples Massage
  • Take Dance Lessons
  • Redecorate a room together
  • Have a Spa Day
  • Plan a staycation where you stay at a local hotel and enjoy your city

Comment below with YOUR great date night ideas! :)