Welcome to my blog and website!  I am so excited to be starting my private practice and thought I would write a little about the process of starting a business and my own journey as an entrepreneur!

Growing up, I always enjoyed entrepreneurial adventures.  At 12 years old, I started babysitting for neighborhood families and enjoyed making flyers, marketing to families, and getting certified in CPR.  I was heavily influenced by the Babysitters Club book series and modeled my services after them.  In high school, my sister and I had dreams of opening a five star hotel, religiously watched the travel channel, and made extensive business plans budeting for expensive bamboo sheets and all of the best amenities.  Fast-forward to college, I continued nannying and pet sitting, but decided to open an event planning business with my sister.  Asch Event Designs did well and coordinated many successful weddings and events; however, I realized that as much as I loved working with people, event planning was not my passion.  I will stick to small dinner parties and game nights with my friends, the things I truly enjoy planning!

While in graduate school, I had a vision of opening my own practice, but wasn't sure what that would look like once I graduated.  I started in community mental health and outpatient therapy and now, years later, I have taken the leap into private practice.  I have experienced the fears of failure, "entrepreneurs anxiety", the worry I do not know enough about business, having to learn about business (hello marketing!), and imposter syndrome.  It has been a process!  But it is something I would gladly do again.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit myself, it makes sense that I have a heart to work with high achievers, business owners, and fellow entrepreneurs.  As a recovering perfectionist, I understand the pressures that high achievers face and the expectations they may place on themselves to succeed.  I want to assist people in reducing anxieties, increase quality of relationships, improve sleep quality, and find balance in all areas of life.  My style of therapy is person-centered - success, happiness, and wellbeing look different to everyone!  My goal is to help you reach your goals and maybe even help you to widen your perspective on what "success" or "happiness" really is.  Thanks for reading.  I look forward to connecting with you soon!