Preparing for Holiday Gatherings

With the holidays coming up, there can be added stress around upcoming family functions that could lead to stressful pressure and unwanted conversations about politics, family planning, religion, etc. Whether you are hosting the event or visiting a family member or friend's home, it is impossible to control others' responses, opinions, or reactions. However, there are some things you can do to be intentional about the holidays and reduce your reactivity and stress level.

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How Does "Hygge" Relate to Happiness?

During my recent three day weekend, I began researching a term that the Danish/Nordic have coined “Hygge” (roughly pronounced Hoo-gah). While Hygge does not have an exact definition, Signe Johansen, author of “How to Hygge”, describes it as “A Danish/Norwegian word that translates as a feeling of cosiness, hygge can also mean kinship and conviviality. If mindfulness is about the self and looking inward, hygge is about being sociable and looking outward; it’s about taking pleasure in the simple things in life, in fellowship with kith and kin.” The Danes are some of the happiest people in the world, despite their infamously harsh winters. Hygge is an integral piece of their culture.

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Give Yourself Permission to Rest

Much of the time I prioritize everyone else's needs above my own need for rest. And most of the time, I don't feel like I'm making a choice. I don't regret helping the people I love. However, if I constantly am keeping the calendar full, I leave no room for rest or spontaneity.

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Date Night Ideas

I often work with couples who don't do "Date Night" because they spend every night together.  One of the benefits of setting aside a "Date Night" is that it helps you and your partner be intentional in setting aside that time and planning something that will be enjoyable.  It makes connecting with your partner a priority.  Date nights do not have to be expensive, far away, or even time-consuming.  

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